Heidi Thurlby – Green Class

Hi Barnaby

I have had a lovely Easter holiday with my family. It started by seeing my big sister dance on the stage at the pomegranate for the Easter Panto Tour.

I have been to South Wales to visit my friends Sophie and Ella – they took us to a waterfall, the seaside and a science museum in Cardiff.

Since we have come back from Wales I have visited Gullivers Kingdom with my family – I loved the blue rollercoaster.

I have been to Longshaw Estate where we went for a walk and did an Easter Egg hunt.

I have learnt to ride my two wheel bike and have ridden it at Queens Park, Bakewell Park and Matlock Park.

I have been to my friends house to play and I have been to my cousins where we did an Easter Egg hunt and my cousin has been to my house to play.

Love from

Heidi Thurlby – Green Class

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